Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee
Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee is a Live and Online show in which Sayen will perform his unplugged melodies. It will create a soothing ambience as the unheard retro songs will be the main part. Witness this musical journey by Sayen. Music

Tue, 23 Oct @ 8:29 PM, Duration:60 Minutes, Location: Kolkata, Price: Rs.100 /-





Event Ended

Chat History
  • Sayen t Guptaa 14:33:03
    Welcome To My Show
  • Shouvik 19:54:58
    Eagerly want to listen
  • Asoke kumar 20:05:40
    Not able to watch
  • Shouvik 20:06:32
    Not able to watch too
  • Asoke kumar 20:08:24
    What the hell is going on 😠😠
  • Asoke kumar 20:09:27
    I am not able to see the programme
  • Dhnanashree 20:11:21
    Not able to watch
  • Subrangshu 20:15:07
    I am also not able to watch
  • Asoke kumar 20:15:31
    Aree shuddho dada!!!
  • Asoke kumar 20:15:37
    Dekhti pacchi na to
  • Asoke kumar 20:18:31
    Sudhho 100 taka gelo
  • Shiladitya 20:20:07
    Not able to watch
  • Dhnanashree 20:25:19
    Any1 able to watch it now???
  • Shouvik 20:32:51
  • Playtoome 20:41:03
    Sorry we are facing some technical difficulties (Network Issue) please bear with us
  • Asoke kumar 20:44:30
    Is the programme going on?
  • Dhnanashree 20:56:06
    @Playtoome : what is the solution ??
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