Sometimes you are just curious


The registration to Playtoome.com for now is absolutely free

You could login to your account by signing in with your credentials and go to the option of Edit profile

We have a multilingual team, surely we can find a way. The explanation could be done through an intermediary as well who could be your friend or family. By the way, if you can read this line- you are a rockstar in English!


The money would be credited to your authorized bank account within few days after the successful conclusion of the performance

The money would be credited in 7-10 working days time post the event

You would have to provision a budget for the same out of your share of revenue

The performance is totally free. The revenue would come in through tickets and virtual gifts.

Virtual gifts are a set of gifts on the platform which carry a monetary value. Viewers and audience interacting with you can purchase these gifts and share with you, while your performance is underway. This also adds up to your overall earnings.

Just like the ticket revenue, your share of the revenue collected through virtual gifts for every concert will be credited to your account, as per the agreement

Yes, the earning will be subject to taxation as per applicable laws.

No. The payment would be made to an authorized bank account/digital wallet only.

Purely up to you to decide. It is advisable to start with free shows to build habit and gradually narrow down to a threshold price you feel your fans would be willing to pay. Our experts can help you with insights.

You are the best judge of your merit and potential market worth. More concerts you do, more fans you garner. As intelligently you price your tickets with subsequent performances and increasing audience base- more money for you! Our experts can help you with insights.

JUST Curious

Playtoome.com is an exclusive concert platform unlike FB. FB live is an broadcast to people in an unstructured fashion. Ambient noise, shaky cameras and blurred imaged. Also it doesn't reach out to an audience which actually is inclined to watch it or might be willing to pay for such an experience.

We have a significant base which is rising almost daily. We also have a database of 1Lakh plus of Indians living abroad.

During the performance, the process is extremely transparent. You could see how many people are tuned in for the event at all times. Analytics of the audience data and insights can be shared and not the actual data of individuals, per privacy needs.

The viewers of the event will rate you post the performance. More shows, more reviews

At Playtoome.com our endeavour is to ensure a focused curating of multiple genres of music for the discerning audience. Performance that suit an individual's taste or requirement at a time or place of the individual's choice. World is converging on to digital and people are willing to pay a price for their kind of entertainment. People do play for live acts!

Artists across genres and geographies are registering with us. Right from the known to the anonymous, what brings them together is sheer talent and hunger to spread music.

Sure. These would require specialized camera work and audio feed. Our technical team can help you with this.

We are only live participation and performance platform so there would be no recording or playback.

We have filters in place to ensure meritorious performers will get to showcase their talent. However, would like to support upcoming performers as well who have the talent and zeal to excel. We believe in democratization of music.

There would be enough filters to ensure this does not happen.

Indeed, with a high quality camera and external microphones.

Digital space is a world in itself. Anyone accessing the portal from any part of the world can watch you perform.

Basic knowledge of computers and internet is sufficient. Our capable technical team will help you out at every step. For bigger shows, we can recommend technicians who can help.

We would seriously advise you to get a nice connection. Or, you would surely have a friend or family member who would have a connection. We can also recommend studio facilities/premises, where you can go to perform at a reasonable price.

We would suggest get a better connection or upgrade your existing one. This is going to be your lifeline. You always have an option of going over to a local studio which has a better facility. The download and upload speed of 2 MBPS is sufficient