Frequently asked questions

Access to Playtoome website

1. How can I Register on
You can register using your Name, Mobile Number, Email id and click register. An OTP will be sent to your mobile no / email id to verify your credentials. Enter that OTP in the screen and you can register. (Please note currently for a few mobile networks the OTP is having issues so we request you to provide your email address even though it is optional).

2. I have not received the OTP message to complete my registration, how do I proceed?
If you have not received the OTP via SMS, please check your email for the email-id if you have provided. Make sure that you either search for “OTP” or “Playtoome”, sometimes these messages may end up in Junk mail folders. We suggest that you use your regular email, as some of the other ids you use may have reached their mail quota and may not accept any more messages. If these options don;t work, please call the number listed on the login pop-up window to resolve the issue.

3.  Can I register on playtoome through email id and password?
You can register via Email followed by an OTP. But your mobile number is set as a MANDATORY field.

4.  Can I sign up through my facebook/google/yahoo id?
This option is not available right now. We will look at offering this at a later point.

5. How do you buy tickets to a show?
To buy tickets, one must be a registered user. After the registration, visit or install playtoome app then select the show. After clicking the show banner, you will find BUY TICKETS option. By clicking that, choose your payment preference (debit card/ credit card/ net banking/ e-wallets/ UPI). After a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation.

6. Can I Purchase multiple tickets for a show?
Yes, you can purchase multiple tickets for a show by choosing the ticket quantity displayed on the screen.

7. Can I purchase tickets for multiple shows at a time?
Yes, you can purchase tickets for multiple shows at a time.

8. What is the coupon code? How does it work?
Coupon code is a promotional offer. It is offered on a time to time basis.

9. I have already registered on playtoome website through mobile number. Should I login only through OTP?
Yes, if your number is registered, you can login via OTP.

10. What is a virtual gift? How does it work?
As we are an online platform conducting virtual concerts, here the audience can send virtual gifts to the artist. The virtual gifts are displayed only for the logged in user below the event banner in the event detail page with the gift price. You have to top-up your wallet to give the virtual gifts for a show.

11. In Cart detail page displays (Enter coupon code if any) - How do I apply coupon code?
Coupon code is not always applicable as it is a special promotional offer.

12.  After purchasing the ticket how can the ticket holders watch the concert?
After purchasing a ticket, you need to login through the same login details through which you had bought the ticket. After a successful login, you need to click – ENTER THE CONCERT option below your desired event. The show will automatically start on the scheduled time.

13. If a ticket is gifted to a person and that person has registered already on playtoome through their phone number, how can they watch?
For gift tickets we have set email id and mobile number as a mandatory field. When a user is sending a gift ticket to an existing user then the email/mobile number will be linked to that id. The user will receive an email from playtoome regarding the gift ticket. They should click on claim your ticket and can watch the show on the scheduled time.

14. Can people login in advance to watch a show?
Yes, Audience can login but the show will start only on a scheduled date and time. They cannot watch it in advance.

15. In case a person gets out of the stream during the concert, can they enter back?
Yes, they can enter back but can only watch the remaining event if it is LIVE. Once the event gets over, they will not be able to watch the show.

16. If a ticket is gifted to a new email id, how can the person watch the show?
Once the ticket is gifted in an email id, the recipient will receive an email for the same. In that email, there will be an option, claim your ticket. They need to click that and register on once the registration process is completed, they will be authorized to watch the show.

17.  What is the donation icon in the event detail page and Live Streaming page used for?
When a show is live, the audience can click on the donate icon and donate to their artist till the show gets over. Before that, they need to top-up their playtoome wallet.

18. What is a top up wallet?
Top up wallet is a wallet balance which can be used to buy tickets, to donate artists and to give virtual gifts.

19. Should I top up my wallet to send gifts?
Yes, it is necessary to top up your wallet to send gifts.

20. Can I withdraw my wallet balance when I don't want to watch any events on the playtoome website?
No, the wallet balance cannot be withdrawn.

21. I have purchased a ticket but could not watch the show on the scheduled date. Can I watch it later?
No, as Playtoome is an online live streaming platform, once the event is completed, you cannot watch it again

22. Can I Pause the live stream and watch the show later?
No, as Playtoome is an online live streaming platform, once the event is ended, you cannot watch it again

23. What if the internet connection goes away and comes back after the show gets over. Will I be able to watch the show?
No, once the event is over, you cannot watch the show.

24. Can I watch the live stream on multiple devices using the same id?
Yes, you can share the same id on 2 devices at a maximum.

25.  Can I share the event on social media?
Yes, you can share the event in all social media. There are icons on the show page that will let you share the event.

30. What are Playtoome Coins? How do they work?
Soon Playtoome will be moving to Playtoome coins for all payments. Playtoome coins are a virtual currency that make our website services to be universally available as they are not narrowed to a certain currency. The exchange rate of the Playtoome Coins can be looked up when you click on “What is a Playtoome Coin?” the rate will be displayed in your local currency. Upon checkout, the total coin purchases are tallied up, and shown in your local currency in addition to the coin total.

31. What is an interactive show?
An interactive show is a multi-person interactive video session; typically, these will be moderated either by the Artist, or by a moderator. These shows allow the Artist to view your video, and hear your audio, so you may ask questions, etc. Please be aware that we will monitor these sessions, and any kind of unwelcome comments, language or abuse of the system will result in you being removed from the session. There will be no refund, etc. for persons removed in such a manner.  For some of these shows, there may be special tickets sold for interactive participants, while as a live stream of all the participants will be also streamed in an standard mode, i.e., in a non-interactive manner.

32. How many people can be invited for video chat?
Currently Playtoome can support upto 20 persons + Artist(s) (1-4) for an interactive session. This number is planned to be increased in the future.

Private Shows

26.  What is a private show? How does it work?
Private show generally is a customized show for any dedicated client or corporate customer. Hence, it can be viewed by people only who are invited by the host of the private event.

27. Can I send a gift ticket for a private show?
Yes, the gifting is limited to the organizer of the show.

28. Can I donate for a private show?
Yes, you can if the organizer permits that feature.

29. How can I Perform on Playtoome?
To perform in, you can visit our website and fill up the form under Register artist mentioning your details. Our team will get back to you for further confirmation.