South Asia's first unique digital platform for live performances across genres
Live video streaming of performances Real time interactivity
HD quality audio & video


Some of the best performing artists are on Playtoome

With new releases every week, from iconic stars to todays best artists, fans will never run out of great live shows to watch.


Sing, act, dance or more. Any performing art, any region, any language!

As long the content has merit and you feel there will be people willing to watch it and pay a price for it.

Just express yourself and connect with your fans.


You decide when to play. Choose the date and time as per your convenience.


Your stage is virtually anywhere. Perform from your home, Jam pads, studio or any venue of your choice as long as basic technical requirements are met. Playtoome has partner facilities in select cities from where these shows could be done.


Set the ticket price for your show. Choose ticket prices based on what you think your fans would pay.

Earnings from ticket sales, virtual gifting and soon, video on demand.*

(T&C Apply as per mutual contract)

Intimate experience - Interact with your fans

Chat with your fans and set the mood for an intimate experience

You can perform their requests. Your fans can appreciate your performance by sending you virtual gifts like, Claps, Hugs, High-fives, Kisses, Flowers and Soft toys. These will also convert into earnings for you


Once you are evaluated and approved as an artist,
Playtoome team will get in touch with the details and coordinate your event online.

Social Media - Promote your Show

Share the show event on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and promote it well. Remember! more you promote more you pull in the audience!

While Playtoome will promote your events your fans will respond to your request even more!

You can take advantage of the large fan base registered with Playtoome as well

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